Best of 2017: Priya’s Top 10 Tracks

1. Folamour – Devoted to U

My song of the year. French producer and DJ Folamour has been one of my absolute faves to listen to in 2017 and Devoted to U, which beautifully samples Earth, Wind and Fire had to go in at number one. Ten minutes of pure gold and a song that oozes happiness.

2. DJ Deep – Tuesday Record Shopping in Paris

The way this song develops and all the layers is TOO MUCH PEOPLE! Deep, tech house, with an irresistable groove from the French DJ and released on Kerri Chandler’s label Kaoz Theory. One of those magical songs you can’t rinse no matter how many times you play it.

3. Soul Reductions – Got 2 Be Loved

Can’t believe I missed this song when it was released earlier this year, but thank god it’s in my life now because it’s one hell of modern classic. One for everyone who loves to dance.

4. Kendrick Lamar – FEAR

Well, well, well. DAMN! Kendrick delivered hard this year and whilst it was tough to pick, FEAR is my favourite track on this album. Melancholy and vulnerable, the story of Kendrick as a kid, then as a teen and then in the fearful present is beautifully told. The third verse is one of my faves of his ever, ever. This album was on repeat during preparations for the Living Free Multiply show and inspired me so much.

5. Adryiano – Not So Easy (Shall Not Fade)

THAT BASS! An absolute banger by the German producer. His Instagram stories and posts are also hilarious.

6. Antigone – Ostinato ii

Lush-melodic-techno number by French producer and DJ Antigone. This song takes you on journey.

7. John Tejada – Prelude to Madness

Crisp, clean, stomper by American producer John Tejada.

8. O’Flynn – Tru Dancing

Disco house anthem by Brit O’Flynn. Every time the song drops you can’t help but want to throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care.

9. Bicep – Glue

What a big tune by the Northern Irish duo! When the vocal comes in ohhh myyy godddd. Evokes a sense of nostalgia for times long gone. When Omar S played this at Phonox I had to sprint to the dancefloor.

10. Jon Sable – Dolphin Hotel

Smooth, airy and the perfect accompniment to a balmy summer’s evening. This one was played again and again and again. Props to New Zealander Jon!

List and words by Priya Barot

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